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GP Thunder D4C 8000k Diamond White HID Replacement

Price: $53.99

Brand New in Retail Box
GP Thunder
One Pair (2) D4C Bulbs
D4C for D4R+D4S
(Fits both D4R and D4S)
Diamond-White 8000K HID
8000K HID Bulb
D4R/D4S Replacement Bulb for your Luxury Cars, such as Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi, Lexus, Infiniti, Acura�..
Our 8000K Bulb are much brighter, whiter and prettier than any other HID bulbs you"ve ever seen. This is the best HID you will ever own!!
3 Months Warranty!

High Intensity Discharge (HID)
More light output. A 35W HID light source produced up to 3 x the lumens at the light source when compared to a 55W halogen bulbs.
Diamond-White light. The color temperature of HID lighting more closely approximates the color temperature of natural daylight than does a halogen bulbs, which appears yellowish.
Greater visibility. The combination of more light output and whiter color make for better visibility in most night time driving conditions.
Longer Life. HID lamps will last, on the average over 2 times as long as halogen bulb.

D4C. Fits Both D4R and D4S. 35W. Xenon Gas
Filled HID bulb. No Filament
8000K color temperature. More light output
Highest quality
Longer life
Produce Super-White light and more intensity of lighting. Please see the pictures how brilliant it is.
Why HID?

3X times the Light Output
Enhanced Peripheral Vision
Improved Down-Road Illumination
Higher Color Temperature
Lower Power Consumption
10X longer life

GP Thunder D4C 8000k Diamond White HID Replacement

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