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GP Thunder H8 8500k 35W Xenon Bulbs SGP85K-H8

Price: $16.99

The Best of the best of the best of the best bulbs ever
Brand New in Protective Boxes
GP Thunder
H8 GP Thunder 8500k 35W Standard Wattage
Quartz Glass Bulbs
Ion Coating
Brighter! Whiter! Sharper! And Safer!
Unbelievable 8500K Plasma White
Plasma Xenon Headlight Low/High Beam Bulbs/Fog Light/Running Light

The Best Xenon Whitest Bulbs on the Market
Guarantee the Best bulbs you will ever get!
Produces only white light with a light Blue Tint!!
Supreme Quality
HID: High Intensity Discharge

Part # SGP85K-H8

Reasons that GP Thunder 8500K bulbs are the best on the market:
1, GP Thunder bulbs are made of fused quartz glass so they can produce high generating power even though they are just smaller. They have excellent heat shock-resistance and they won"t be broken even though they have water on their surface when they light on. GP Thunder bulbs also prevent any damage to the lens and wiring harness because their newest design .
2, GP Thunder bulbs have a longer life because they contain Xenon and Krypton gases.

3, They have high performance quartz bulb w/Ion coating and new base concept.

Synthesis of most successful bulbs worldwide
Easy to mount because of its newly designed plastic base
Precise fitting of bulb in base
Serve full range of application (fog, low beam, high beam)

GP Thunder bulbs are the best on the market ever, unbelievable 8500K degree Kelvin temperature giving you the whitest color for your car!
You can only find it here!! Nowhere else!
We are proud of bringing the best to our customers!

Quality and your satisfaction are guaranteed
8500K Brilliant

Improve discrimination to objects at night
Color harmonized with HID lighting in effect and color temperature
Easy to substitute for standard halogen bulbs
Meets ECE R37 and DOT regulation
Installation is easy as 123.
Yes, it is Legal in all states!

45 day replacement warranty for defective GP Thunder bulbs only. Free replacement if under warranty.
Refund is also available if you are not completely satisfied within 10 days.

Please keep in mind "DO NOT" touch the bulb glass surface while installation. Your fingerprint may cause damage to the bulbs when you turn on the light.

GP Thunder H8 8500k 35W Xenon Bulbs SGP85K-H8

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